About Us

Who We Are

Marissa Stanback and Talia Givens-Gore have inspected thousands of homes and facilitated hundreds of cleaners and contractors to make sure that homes look their very best and maintain their value. They have developed strong relationships in the industry and they have a reputation for excellence. Marissa and Talia are committed to providing quality service to their customers and your satisfaction is their main priority.


Who We Serve

Landlords and Property Managers

Need to get your unit on the market? We've got you covered! We can handle your bulk and trash removal to allow the work to get started quicker. We can even take care of your maintenance punch list, painting, and final cleaning to complete your unit turn.

No one likes an eviction but in this business there comes a time when it's necessary. If you need assistance, we can properly remove personal items to set them out in accordance with regulations and change the locks.